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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter manufactured by us is ideal for measuring the flow of liquids from outside the pipe. It perfectly adapts to the different kinds of materials of pipe because of the self adapting and propriety signal tracking technology.

Benefits :
  • No leakage
  • No pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • No contamination
  • No corrosion

Application Areas :
  • Pipelines industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Oil refineries

Features :
  • Non-invasive clamp-on style transducers
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Able to measure positive, negative and net total flow
  • Standard type and Explosion-Proof type are available
  • Can measure pipe sizes from 12mm to 4570mm
  • Can measure pipe sizes from 12mm to 4570mm
  • Measurable temperature range : -40â~250â
  • Up to 8GB SD card data logger optional
  • Easy operation and quick installation

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